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Model: RGSC-400


Product Model: RGSC-400
Product Name: 3D Engraving Laser Machine
Description: Description

This system was drawn specifically for 3d face engraving shop, 3d models and photos.

It is easy to control from a computer comes with it.

It is really a system laser with very high quality of mapping out.

Description of Operation

First, take a 3D photo of one or more persons with the most advanced camera and then process them in computer to form 3D portraits. Second, this model adopts the advanced diode-pumped laser subsurface engraving technique to engrave glittering and translucent 3D portraits. These individual portrait arts and crafts are adequate for all kinds of shops, shopping mall and tourism spots.


It is manufactured base of European specifications and allocates certification CE He is water cooled. It allocates big stability in his operation with very small frequency of maintenance. For the mapping out of 3d face in 300Hz is 5 min.

B. 5mins for a 3d portrait in crystal 5cmX5cmX8cm
G. Dimensions 1295mmH X 1105mmW X 615 mm L, Weight 150kgs)
D. Beneficial dimension of mapping out 50X70X60mm
E. Low consumption of force, low cost of maintenance
Z. Uses programs that function in functional Windows XP

Item Parameter
Laser Medium Nd: YAG
Laser Frequency 300Hz
Maximum Engraving Speed 18.000-25.000dots/min
Maximum Engraving Range 110*110mm
Laser Wavelength 532nm
Maximum Power of the Whole Machine 3KW
Number of Laser Heads 1
Cooling way Water cooling
Spare Part Laser lamp
Continuous Working Time 12 hrs
Electrical Connection AC220v±10%,50-60hz
Weight of the Whole Machine 150kgs
Dimension of the Whole Machine 700X450X600mm
Room temperature 15-23
Engraving time 50X50 block within 4 miniutes
Keychain within 40second

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