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Model: Crystal Engraver I


Product Model: Crystal Engraver I
Product Name: 3D Laser Machine with Multiple Heads
Description: (1) Laser medium Nd: diode pump laser.
(2) Engraving speed: 2000 points/s.
(3) Size of system: 28"(L) * 20"(W) * 25"(H).
(4) Power: 1500(w).
(5) Laser Position accuracy: 3um
(6) Laser Engraving Resolution: 5um
(7) Power supply: 220v or 110v with 50/60Hz
(8) Max. Engraving size: 6"(X), 5"(Y), 4"(Z).
(9) Laser Engraving speed: 120000 points/min.
(10) water cooling system.
(11) Head of 3D laser machine: 1.
(12) System weight: 100 kg.
Other: This machine is scanning laser method, all 3d model finished engraving on one time, no need divide the 3d model into different parts and engrave by parts, avoid the the Joint line problem which exsist with all other manufactuer

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