3D Laser Crystal & 3D Laser Machine Manufacturer in China

We are one of leadingl 3D laser crystal and 3D laser machine exporter & manufacturer from YiWu. It is the famous laser crystal manufacturing base in China.

Your ideal chinese manufacturer & exporter of 3D laser engraved crystal products & 3D laser engraved crystal machines with advanced laser technology.

Our 3D laser crystal is created with optically quality crystal pieces. Each crystal is on its very good clarity. It makes the laser to successfully focus within the crystal and build a precise strike. Each strike gives the perfect image depth, definition and its 3D appearance.

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3D Laser Crystal Trophy

3D Laser Crystal Trophy

3D Laser Crystal Perfume Bottle

3D Laser Crystal Perfume Bottle

Crystal Engraver I
3D Laser Machine with Multiple Heads

Crystal Engraver II
3D Laser Engraving Machine

3D Engraving Laser Machine

Cyclops 3D Body Digitizer

Crystal Blank Block
Laserfox offers 3D laser crystal blank block or crystal cube in all kind sizes. We also can do all c...

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Crystal Trophy
Laserfox crystal trophy is great promotional and corporate gift. Whether you're in the market for pr...

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Crystal Award
With laser etching technology to create 2D or 3D images from the photograph, Laserfox offers corpora...

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Crystal Perfume Bottle
Laserfox perfume bottles gift and recognition award items in crystal, 3D laser design, bronze, glass...

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Crystal Ashtray
We are professional crystal ashtray manufacturer and supplier in China. We offers quality crystal as...

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Crystal Keychain
Laserfox offers rectangular, round shaped crystal keychain as well as personalized keychain and cust...

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Led Base
Laserfox manufactures crystal rotating led base or crystal stand, 7 color leds, rotating with AC ada...

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3D Laser Machine
Laserfox is one leading manufacturer from Shanghai China. Offers all kinds of 3D laser crystal en...

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2D, 3D Laser Crystal Working Processing

2D, 3D laser inner engraving machine (3D laser machine is for short) can engraving 3d picture in the crystal very quickly. Take a 3D picture with 3D camera. Process it in computer to form 3D portrait, which is compatible with laser engraving machine on ...

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FAQs of 3D Laser Crystal and Machine

Designing is the spirit of our working for 3D laser crystal products. Besides the 3D laser crystal products, we also manufactures the quality 2D laser crystal, the effect is the best of all 3D laser crystal products which we had seen in the past. The 3D laser machine we manufactured can always get out what you expected! More Info ....

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Crystal From Wikipedia

A crystal or crystalline solid is a solid material whose constituent atoms, molecules, or ions are arranged in an orderly, repeating pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions.

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